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AIM: To improve the healthy livelihood of orphans and vulnerable children who are under five (5) years and malnourished.


  • To contribute towards food supplement accessibility for malnourished under five (5) children.
  • To contribute positively to the facilitation of under five nutrition and healthy education for plus guardians and parents.
  • To contribute positively towards the stepped up reduction of infantry death rate and disease.


Three times in a week we distribute a meal to over 5.000 pupils of seven schools. The objectives of the project are:

  • To increase the school attendance;
  • To increase the level of concentration;
  • To improve the health status of the children.


One of the worse side effects of the increasing number of the orphans and the poverty in the families caused by the pandemic, is the daily increasing of the number of the children who live in the street.

Outreach Service: Identifying street children and responding to their immediate needs. In addition first aid and subsequent medical attention are provided along with counselling and access to relevant services. Visits take place twice in a week during the night and four days in a week during the day. On these visits we talk to the children, offer medical treatment and when necessary arrangements are made for the children to attend the doctor the next morning, the children are also informed about our other services and are invited to come to the shelter.

Centres for street children: The centres are a 24 hour residential care centre for those street children identified as wishing to be reintegrated into their own or another suitable family. During the day the boys attend a local Community School and in the evening they receive private educational classes and counselling, also taking part in the different activities.

Reintegration: An intensive programme incorporating education and counselling is provided to the children within the centre, while a team of trained social care workers carry out outreach work with the families, assessing the suitability of the family and its needs prior to the reintegration of the child.

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