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In 2007 Africa Call opened a centre in Kanyama compound, south-west of Lusaka, where the Shalom Home was built. In line with the law, in 2007 Africa Call was registered under the Register of Societies as a Zambian Ngo.

The Organisation has been working in partnership with: Cheshire Home Society, Parents Partnership Association for Children with Special Needs, Mulela School for Disabled Children, Nyawa's Academy and is working towards enlarging networking.

Activities for disabled children – The Organisation offers motor and cognitive rehabilitation to over 100 children in Kanyama, John Laing and Chibolya both through an outreach programme and by offering physio facilities in community centres. Moreover, there are some sports activities like Baskin (integrated basketball) that do involve both able and disabled children.

Micro finance Project - The project aims to improve the living conditions of families with disabled children through the launch of commercial activities aimed at increasing the income of each family. In March 2008 the Organisation became a member of The Association of Microfinance Institutions of Zambia (AMIZ).


Shalom Community School, opened in May 2008, the Community School will soon cater for 300 vulnerable children from Grade 1 to Grade 9. The innovation of Shalom Community School is the idea of Inclusive Education where children with disabilities, thanks to the support of special teachers, will be learning in ordinary classes allowing the social and not only the academic sphere to be looked at.



Our aims are:

  • to strengthen the health and education programme for disabled and vulnerable children;
  • to implement the social and school inclusion for disabled children;
  • to strengthen families with disabled children through microfinance programmes and capacity building;
  • to prevent new cases of disabilities through counselling and maternal child health;



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